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PeerVida FAQs


Does PeerVIDA take insurance?

PeerVIDA does not take insurance. We do not do superbills. We accept payment online through credit cards.

Do I schedule ahead of time or can I just drop in when group starts?

Individuals joining one of our OCD support groups must register in advance. For your first time joining a group, there will be several documents you will be required to sign as well as processing payment for the group. If you want to join a group the ‘day of’, We cannot guarantee they will not be full making you unable to join.

What does HIPAA Compliance mean?

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 in the United States. The goal of this ‘Privacy Rule’ is to assure that individuals’ health information is properly protected.

PeerVIDA uses HIPAA compliant software to protect the privacy of individuals joining our groups. We ask each participant to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep individuals identity and information they share with the group within the group and not to be disclosed outside the PeerVIDA platform.

How is meeting with a peer different from talking to a friend?

Peer support specialists are trained professionals in their respective states to support, walk alongside, and normalize living with mental illness by using their own lived experience. Peer support is not to be used as a replacement for therapy, but is to be used as a supplemental support in your recovery journey.

How much does it cost to attend groups or community nights?

OCD Support Groups are $35

Community Nights are $20

Both need to be paid in advance through the scheduling website.

What if I cancel?

PeerVIDA does not provide refunds on groups if you cancel within 48 hours of the group. Please make sure to plan on attending if you register and pay for a spot. You will not be refunded your money for the group if cancelled within 48 hours before group begins.

Cancellation before the 48 hour window will require an 8% reduction in refund for admin costs.

HIPPA Compliance

PeerVida provides HIPAA compliant online video platforms for to our attendees. Our support groups are a safe space where you can disclose your intrusive thoughts without judgment, fear, or shame. PeerVida group leaders are trained to meet individuals where they are in their recovery journey and to help facilitate an environment of safety, inclusion, and privacy.

Trained Peer Support Specialist

Trained Peer Support Specialists

Our OCD support groups are not therapeutic or clinical in nature but are designed to help facilitate a sense of community, understanding, and work to promote recovery from OCD. Our group leaders come from a variety of backgrounds. Each of our group leaders live in recovery from mental illness and/or substance use and have clinical training and/or training  as a peer support specialist. While our OCDPeers group leaders may provide education on OCD and treatment protocols, or share their experience with therapy, our groups will not be providing clinical services and should not be used as a replacement for professional therapy.

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We provide online, peer-led group support for individuals living with OCD. We offer education, support, and a sense of community.