This is PeerVida.

PeerVida is where the clinical expertise you get from group therapy, meets the encouragement and camaraderie found in a peer group. Our peer support groups are small, topic-driven, and led by both an expert and a peer who has lived experience.

What is Peer Support?

In a nutshell, peer support is the process of giving and receiving encouragement and assistance to achieve long-term recovery. Peer supporters “offer emotional support, share knowledge, teach skills, provide practical assistance, and connect people with communities of support.

Peer support is an evidence-based practice that helps normalize mental health experiences and foster hope for individuals working towards recovery. Thus, by providing normalization and support, individuals living with mental heatlh symptoms and disorders report a drastic reduction in feelings of shame and internal stigma. 

PeerVida Group Leaders

PeerVida is different. We aren’t rigidly structured like you get with traditional group therapy, and we’re also not the completely unstructured ‘free-for-all’ you get with traditional peer groups.

PeerVida offers a unique approach to mental health, taking support groups to a whole new level with clinically-trained facilitators who also have lived experience. We bridge the gap between the clinical world and the peer world so that you get the best of BOTH…expert facilitators who are also peers!

peervida online support groups
peervida online support group for ocd

No comittment. No catch.

PeerVida groups are for real life. And in real life, symptoms ebb and flow.

Typical support groups can require members to commit to a specific length of time or ’package’ of groups. The reality is, at times your mental health symptoms may be in remission, while at other times you may want more support.

With PeerVida YOU are in charge of choosing how much support you need. You can sign for the groups you want to attend, and you can sign up for a PeerVida group as late as 30 minutes prior to that group’s start time.

Meet the Experts

Winnifred Ndule

Expert Facilitator


Melissa Hunter

Founder, Expert Facilitator


Tawana Watson

Expert Facilitator

Certified PSS

Laura Skalvy

Expert Facilitator

Certified PSS