While attending OCDPeers weekly group on intrusive thoughts, I took notes to help myself process and reflect on my OCD recovery journey. While listening to other people’s stories I started writing little affirmations and reminders to keep to myself as I continued down my path to recovery. I find it very helpful to look back to these reminders or challenging days or whenI need an extra boost of support. 

Here are some of the reminders I kept: 

  1. I am not too sensitive/dramatic/emotional. Sometimes our intrusive thoughts try to convince us of something that isn’t true. So often I try to convince myself I am too much: too sensitive or dramatic or emotional. I am just enough the way I am! 

  1. Regardless of what my OCD says, I am deserving of a full life. The more I live life to the fullest, the greater I am working through my exposures and fears. Even small, tiny steps towards recovery feel like huge wins. I choose to celebrate victories big and small. 

  1. I give myself permission to be imperfect. Unfortunately my perfectionism often tries to have control over my life, by getting trapped in loops. The best thing I can do is allow myself to be imperfect: to make mistakes and ultimately to be human! I often give myself permission to be imperfect by creating art, writing in my journal, and by spending time trying something for the first time. 

  1. No matter how hard it gets, it is always worth the fight. Even when challenging days come out of the woodwork, I know that fighting the good fight on my recovery journey is the best thing I can do. 

  1. Vulnerability is my superpower! Whether I am sharing my story with someone in the community or working through a challenging exposure, I know vulnerability is one of my greatest strengths. When I am vulnerable, I am able to connect deeply with others. I am also able to tap into new areas of myself. At the end of the day, when I work through a challenging or vulnerable situation, I am really proud of myself.