Tips for Managing OCD During the Uncertainty of COVID-19 

The uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic may impact OCD symptoms for some individuals. If you are an individual who had an increase in symptoms during COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s possible you are feeling anxious about changes in restrictions and mask mandates. Here are some tips to help you navigate these uncertain transitions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Combating Perfectionism 

The reality is, no one is going to be perfect about following COVID-19 guidelines. We are all humans, and there are a lot of challenges to balance. You can combat the perfectionist by listening to public health guidelines and checking in with friends and family on their personal experiences. Also know you have the support of the OCDPeers team to talk through difficult topics like navigating COVID-19.

It’s ok to wear your mask

Even if you are in a public space or venue that allows you to be mask free, it’s ok if you want to continue to wear your mask. There is nothing wrong with being cautious.  

Embrace the Uncertainty 

Every day there will continue to be more information released around COVID-19 and public safety. It can feel very overwhelming to sift through all of the changes while maintaining a sense of normalcy and calmness. Be prepared to sit through the uncertainty. Avoiding or reducing the need to act out compulsions can help build resilience around these challenges and ever changing circumstances. 

Work through Exposures 

There are safe ways to work through exposures around OCD and COVID-19. It is recommended you work directly with a mental health practitioner who is versed in Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) to tackle these topics. 

Try Something New 

With restrictions lifted in certain areas, there might be an opportunity for you to try out a new class or go to an outdoor event. Try to find an opportunity to go (safely) outside of your comfort zone. You might be able to find an activity you really like or meet new people.

On-Going Support 

As always, the peer support specialists at OCDPeers are always willing to connect and support you during these difficult times. Joining a support group can help you talk through difficult experiences or scenarios, especially while navigating a new world post-COVID.