Often the hardest part of recovery is getting started. Attending a peer lead group is a fantastic way to add support to your current treatment plan, but it’s also a great way to learn more information about OCD in general. Here are five reasons why you should consider attending a group with OCDPeers. 

  1. Judgement Free Space
    • It can feel scary sharing your intrusive thoughts or symptoms out loud. But attending a peer lead group is safe and confidential. Nothing leaves the room. Your Peer Support Specialists are trained and maintain appropriate facilitation during groups. 
  2. Connects you with others going through similar experiences
    • When you attend a group, you will be virtually connected with individuals all over the world who experience OCD. It allows you to share stories and learn how others are dealing with their symptoms. It alleviates some of the loneliness or isolation that sometimes occurs with an OCD diagnosis. 
  3. Exposes you to unique situations 
    • You also will widen your perspective as you hear other people’s stories. You might learn about a new type of therapy to bring up to your care provider. You might hear about a book that helps you learn how to journal. You will definitely hear unique stories about people in your community, which will help you feel more empathetic and connected. Also, others will hear your story which provides learning and perspective for the other attendees. So it’s a win-win! 
  4. Allows you to process your thoughts out loud 
    • A lot of us who suffer from OCD live very heavily in our heads. When you have the opportunity to speak out loud about something you’re going through, it allows you to process in a safe environment. Talking about your experiences during group also gives you practice for when you bring up your story to people outside of the OCD community. 
  5. Participate as much as you want 
    • When you attend a group, there will be several opportunities to check-in or chime-in to another story. However you will never be pressured to speak more than you want. If you are consistent with your participation in a group, it allows you to build from your last experience.

No matter which group you attend, you will gain both valuable skills and a sense of connectedness with others. You are encouraged to attend as many groups as you are comfortable with.