Everyone’s journey with obsessive-compulsive disorder is different. After being diagnosed with OCD 13 years ago, I had no insight into how I would make my way into recovery. For many years I suffered in silence, trying to hide my symptoms from the world. In 2020 I had some of the worst batches of intrusive thoughts in my life, and I felt very isolated in my experience. Finally I felt like I had enough, so I began searching for additional support. 

In the Spring of 2020 I reached out to a friend who also had OCD. A couple months later he introduced me to OCDPeers. I was incredibly intrigued with the groups, but I wasn’t fully convinced. In fact, I was a little bit nervous to commit. However I wouldn’t know unless I actually went to a group. 

At the end of July I attended a group for intrusive thoughts. I was equally nervous and excited to participate; I didn’t know what to expect. But after my first group I was sold, and began attending on an almost weekly basis for 8 months. By committing to go every week I had something consistent. Having the peer support group as part of my routine was massively influential for my recovery. By consistently attending I was able to build off of previous discussions and lessons. It also gave me something to look forward to if I was having a rough week. 

By the end of my 8 months of attending the intrusive thoughts OCDPeers group I felt like that relationship with OCD had transformed significantly. I had notebooks filled with anecdotes, prompts, and lessons I discussed with others. I felt more comfortable about talking to my family and friends about OCD. My advocacy strengthened and I began to connect with even more folks in the community. Every single week I was making small changes that lead me to the place in my recovery where I currently am. OCDPeers was the missing piece in my journey. 

OCDPeers provides a safe and confidential space for anyone affected by obsessive-compulsive disorder. By attending a peer support group, you will not only leave with tools to help you in your recovery journey, but you will also gain a strengthened sense of community and acceptance.