Belong. Improve. Thrive.

Small groups of up to 10 peers.


Clinically-trained leaders with lived experience.


Evidence-based practices.

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How it works.

PeerVida is different. We aren’t rigidly structured like you get with traditional group therapy, and we’re also not the completely unstructured ‘free-for-all’ you get with traditional peer groups.

PeerVida offers a unique approach to mental health, taking support groups to a whole new level with clinically-trained facilitators who also have lived experience. We bridge the gap between the clinical world and the peer world so that you get the best of BOTH…expert facilitators who are also peers!

Our carefully-designed, group-oriented structure empowers our clients to feel connected and understood, while also providing support and practical skills which they can use in all areas of their lives.

Each 50-minute group meets online via Zoom and costs $35. You may sign up as late as 30 minutes prior to the group start time.

Pick a group. Sign up. Get REAL support.

The PeerVida Support Group
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Small-Sized Peer Groups

PeerVida groups are small for a reason. Each peer group is capped at 10 sign-ups, so that you can participate and get the most support out of the groups you attend. Keeping the group size small allows for open conversation and more direct support for your needs.

Evidence-Based Practices

Peer Support is an evidence-based tool, and the research backs up its ability to help you minimize your symptoms. Our groups span a range of mental health issues that are ultimately driven by what our community is asking for. The topic changes each week to cover something new.

Clinically-Trained Leaders

Our group facilitators are more than just peers…they are ACTUAL experts. They are trained and certified as peer support specialists and/or mental health professionals. PeerVida facilitators also have lived experience in the group topic they facilitate, so they can relate.

Meet the Experts

Melissa Hunter

Founder, Expert Facilitator


Laura Skalvy

Expert Facilitator

Certified PSS

Tawana Watson

Expert Facilitator

Certified PSS

Winnifred Ndule

Expert Facilitator

Here's what people are saying...

I was having such a hard time with anxiety and stress.  Coming to the Anxiety Management group helped me to feel calmer and more in control”

Anna, Colorado

The OCD peer group is a real game-changer for me! It helped to hear real face-to-face stories and struggles. Peer groups will continue to be a part of my healing/ living with OCD! Thank you.”


These online groups have been a great place to meet others, hear and share our stories and get support.”

Reggie, United Kingdom

I just joined another group for OCD! These groups are right on.”


“You all are truly such a great resource… We find often patients have attained the goals they were looking for in treatment but still want an accessible place for support and accountability…PeerVida is the answer!” —Beyond Borders CBT Team

Beyond Borders CBT


Do I schedule ahead of time or can I just drop in when group starts?

You can schedule as far in advance as you like, and you can sign up as late as 30 minutes prior to the group’s start time. We cap sign-ups at 10 attendees per group.

How much does it cost to attend groups or special events?

OCD Support Groups are $35

Special Events such as AMAs and Community Nights are $20

Both need to be paid in advance through the scheduling website.

What does HIPAA Compliance mean?

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 in the United States. The goal of this ‘Privacy Rule’ is to assure that individuals’ health information is properly protected.

PeerVIDA uses HIPAA compliant software to protect the privacy of individuals joining our groups. We ask each participant to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep individuals identity and information they share with the group within the group and not to be disclosed outside the PeerVIDA platform.

Does PeerVIDA take insurance?

PeerVIDA does not take insurance. We do not do superbills. We accept payment online through credit cards.

What if I cancel?

PeerVIDA does not provide refunds on groups if you cancel within 48 hours of the group. Please make sure to plan on attending if you register and pay for a spot. You will not be refunded your money for the group if cancelled within 48 hours before group begins.

Cancellation before the 48 hour window will require an 8% reduction in refund for admin costs.

Resources & Partners

Safe & Confidential

PeerVida provides HIPAA compliant online video platforms for to our attendees. Our support groups are a safe space where you can disclose your intrusive thoughts without judgment, fear, or shame. PeerVida group leaders are trained to meet individuals where they are in their recovery journey and to help facilitate an environment of safety, inclusion, and privacy.







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